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Consulting - Quality Assurance as a Service from jaktestowac.pl

Quality management in projects is a critical aspect that should not be underestimated, despite differing perspectives within the IT industry. Achieving and maintaining quality demands a dedicated effort, akin to the development of functionality. Delayed detection of errors in the software development lifecycle leads to escalated rectification expenses, customer dissatisfaction, and detrimental impacts on reputation. These ramifications can detrimentally affect even the most exceptional products, disrupt meticulously crafted plans, and undermine the success of a remarkable project.

Projects, and consequently, people, face various problems; sometimes there’s a lack of competence in a specific technology, other times an atypical project is being carried out. Often, making a significant difference doesn’t require much.

The question arises:

If that’s the case, why can’t the team handle it?

The answer is simple — it depends.

Quality Assurance Experts from jaktestowac.pl

Consulting - Quality Assurance as a Service od jaktestowac.pl

It depends on how we look at it, what expectations, problems, and challenges exist, what competencies are available, and whether the team is aware of its capabilities. To an observer on a train, the train, as well as its passengers, are moving, but a passenger on the train may have a false impression of standing still. With this simple example, we try to illustrate that perspective and experience matter.

Sometimes, a short consultation is all it takes to avoid significant costs in the future.

Our Offer

Quality Assurance as a Service from jaktestowac.pl

Benefit from our over 12 years of experience

in quality assurance, process definition, and mentoring

Technical Aspects of Testing
A well-designed testing architecture tailored to the project’s needs can significantly reduce costs and improve the quality of the produced product. During our consultations, we offer:

  • Preparation and guidance through the decision-making process regarding automation,
  • Assistance/recommendations in tool selection,
  • Implementation of automation into the project,
  • Creation of a custom framework based on best practices, architectural patterns, and business requirements,
  • Technical support in resolving issues encountered during various types of testing,
  • Introduction of tools such as Postman, Swagger, Dredd,
  • Assistance in configuring and managing environments,
  • Assistance in configuring 3rd-party tools like CI/CD.
Quality Assurance Processes
An integral part of the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) is all activities aimed at ensuring quality at various stages, ensuring that we build the desired software while creating a safety net against errors. Therefore, our offerings include, among other things:

  • Defining and building a test strategy,
  • Aligning tests with project requirements,
  • Creating test plans and test sessions,
  • Defining risks and managing them,
  • Establishing the quality assurance process in the project with consideration of available resources and capabilities,
  • Proposing improvements to existing processes to eliminate or mitigate errors and issues,
  • Assisting in defining delivery and quality assurance metrics and selecting those suitable for business goals.
Working with Requirements
Undoubtedly, work on quality begins at the earliest stages, even before writing production code. Following the “shift-left” approach, we offer support in collecting business requirements or further refining them, allowing the project design work to proceed efficiently. We handle both functional and non-functional requirements:

  • Functional,
  • Non-functional.
Mentoring and QA Team Upskilling
Having a team with the right level of competencies is a significant part of success, especially when it can ensure the effective completion of tasks. Therefore, we focus on enhancing knowledge and developing employees through mentoring and upskilling:

  • Mentoring,
  • Upskilling.

From our experience, demotivation often arises in projects due to the lack of:

  • A technical discussion partner,
  • A defined path for technical and career development.

We are eager to fulfill these needs.

Dedicated Courses and Training
In addition to what is available within the jaktestowac.pl platform, we can provide individual training. Please contact us to determine the scope and request a quote for customized training or self-study material preparation. Together, we will define the training agenda, format, and schedule. If your team needs materials not currently offered, please get in touch.
Audits and Research
In projects, there is always talk about business requirements, but increasingly, various standards like ISO are added, which must be met for the project to be accepted. Ideas for implementing other features or tool integrations also arise, but the team is fully occupied with current work or simply doesn’t feel comfortable with research work. We can help evaluate:

  • The feasibility of a task,
  • The availability of tools,
  • The availability of solutions.

We can also assist in building prototypes.

Comprehensive Consultations and Project Support
Additionally, we:

  • Support recruitment processes (competency matrices, conducting both technical and soft skills recruitment),
  • Assist in developing custom standards,
  • Provide support in creating project and testing documentation.

If you are interested in improving project quality, and the topic is not currently in our offerings, please contact us. We will analyze your case and see if we can help 🙂

Who is our offer for?

Managers and Leaders
Quality Engineers
Developers looking to improve the project situation
Decision-Makers in the context of a company or startup who recognize the value of quality and its care.

Method of Cooperation

Step 1
At the beginning, we request an email contact and a description of your needs. After analyzing them, we respond and schedule a video call to discuss goals and how we can assist you more precisely.

During the video call, we deepen our understanding of the project’s priorities and needs.

The information collected at this stage will help us analyze the goals, needs, and scope of our collaboration.

Step 2
Analysis of Goals and Needs
From our side, we perform an analysis of the scope of collaboration. We create a list of various possibilities and solutions.

Depending on your needs, we organize additional meetings that allow us to better understand the problem and propose better solutions.

Step 3
Determining the Scope of Collaboration
At this stage, we establish:

  • The specific scope of collaboration and common goals,
  • Success measures,
  • Failure measures,
  • The duration of the collaboration,
  • The amount and method of payment and deadlines.

If necessary, we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Step 4
Depending on your needs and the agreed scope of collaboration:

  • We implement and deliver necessary artifacts such as documents, plans, etc.,
  • We conduct audits and provide analysis results,
  • We collaborate with the development team,
  • We implement a Proof-of-Concept for a specific solution,
  • We monitor and supervise deployment and defined metrics.


  • If there are needs to expand the collaboration, we can discuss a new scope or engage additional personnel if necessary,
  • If our assistance is no longer required, we can conclude the collaboration immediately, settling where we stand.

Case Studies


Performance Challenges in the Financial System

We managed to reduce the processing time of operations from several hours to a few minutes, while ensuring that no undesired changes occurred within the application’s functionality.

Innovative Transport System

This was possible thanks to a well-designed and implemented testing strategy, with significant automation involvement.

E-Commerce Industry Project

From the very beginning, we relied on experience, expert knowledge, facts, and proven development methods. We came with solutions that delivered the expected results.

E-Commerce Industry Project

Together with the client, we tailored the testing strategy to the project’s context, meticulously planning each stage of the delivered software.

Consultations - Quality Assurance as a Service from jaktestowac.pl

Project in the e-Commerce Industry



A project in the e-commerce industry with a strong focus on fast releases, opening up to customers, and delivering on the stakeholders’ requirements even before starting development.


Time to market, an ambitious plan to deliver the product, ambitious stakeholder expectations regarding the team’s size. Only functional requirements were available.

Our Actions:

The entire team is responsible for the quality of the delivered software. However, not everyone realizes that in this context, the team is responsible for the implementation of specific tasks. The sum of these activities is intended to achieve the intended level of quality. Before planning the activities, we needed to address the missing pieces of the puzzle, such as non-functional requirements, their measurability, and suitability for the project. We could delay some of the requirements due to the short delivery time and other goals set for this MVP – the client needed confirmation of the business model, but this could not come at the cost of quality. Losing any points at this level could have irreversible consequences, such as a damaged reputation, brand damage, and ultimately, investor loss.

Together with the client, we tailored the testing strategy to the project context, carefully planning each stage of the delivered software. We proposed a process that creates a safety net for the critical and most important functionality of the system, without which the whole project would be pointless.


The example illustrates the art of understanding the project’s goals, the challenges it faces, and the appropriate direction of the development team’s actions. This would not have been possible without building a good relationship with the client from the very beginning. From the outset, we relied on the team’s experience, expert knowledge, facts, and proven development methods, coming to the client with solutions that yielded the expected result. The client, despite initial skepticism, quickly became convinced of the validity of the actions, appreciating the commitment. As a result of the achieved success, new funds were available to increase the development team.

Improving Quality and Performance in the Financial Industry Project

Performance Challenges in a Financial System



The client’s existing system was based on solutions known in the financial industry. The system was built using older technologies and developed over many years by various teams from different subcontractors, each approaching quality assurance in very different ways.


The top priority was to improve the system’s performance. Processing of some operations took days. This also caused significant usability issues, significantly damaging the client’s reputation in the eyes of its end users.

All verifications and validations were done manually. This made everything very costly and time-consuming, and given the impending deadlines, the client could not afford a rework. On the contrary, the client had to rebuild trust and improve the system’s performance as quickly as possible.

Our Actions:

Our efforts focused on developing a testing approach for legacy systems. We first defined system quality indicators that allowed us to monitor and measure changes over time. We then identified areas in the system where changes could be introduced at the lowest cost while providing the highest gain in terms of performance.

We planned the scope of work, refactoring the application code along with developing a safety net in the form of tests. To achieve this, we implemented a set of tests verifying the achievement of the project’s desired result – improving system performance while maintaining calculation accuracy. From the system’s perspective, close collaboration with a domain expert and provided documentation was crucial.

We developed and implemented test automation, covering individual modules and integrating microservices with external systems. The key was to incorporate automation into the build and deployment processes. This allowed us to provide fast feedback on the current state of the delivered software and its compliance with quality aspects.


We were able to reduce the processing time of some operations from several hours to a few minutes, with confidence that no undesired changes occurred within the application’s functionality. This was possible thanks to a well-designed and implemented testing strategy, with a significant emphasis on automation. Ultimately, we achieved the goal within the set deadline. As a result, the improved product was delivered to customers and end-users on time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Consultations - Quality Assurance as a Service from jaktestowac.pl

How Does Collaboration Work?
Initially, we request an email contact with a description of the problem and needs. The more information you provide at this stage, the sooner we can proceed to collaboration. We will get back to you as soon as possible, proposing further steps and a conversation.

Next, we conduct an analysis of the collaboration scope. We list various possibilities and solutions.

In the following step, during a discussion, we establish collaboration conditions, such as meeting frequency, support scope, or payment method. Depending on your needs, we can sign an NDA and then start periodic meetings as often as necessary. You have the final say within the available possibilities.

What Are the Forms of Consultation?
Most often, these will be conversations in the form of teleconferences. In addition, you can contact us via email or through various communication tools (MS Teams, Zoom, etc.) at any time. We determine the communication method at the beginning when defining collaboration conditions.

Besides conversations, our collaboration includes other activities such as Code Review, preparing testing frameworks in various languages, requirement analysis, test strategy development, etc. We also offer activities like Pair-Coding, Pair-Review, or Pair-Testing, which are excellent ways to share knowledge through practice.

What Is the Price for All Services?
The price depends on several factors, such as the support scope or the estimated collaboration duration. The service price starts from 250 PLN gross per hour. We also offer collaboration on a Fixed Price basis, where we deliver a product like a testing framework in a specific language.
Who Will We Work With? Who Are the Consultants?
Our team consists of qualified specialists with extensive industry experience. We understand that no one person embodies all competencies at once, so depending on the problem, we’ll try to match the best possible consultant. Ideally, someone who has already successfully solved a similar problem.
What Is Your IT Experience as Consultants?
The work of a consultant, with which we have had the pleasure, involves not only solving complex technical problems with intricate and often unclear dependencies but also supporting sales processes, participating in workshops with clients, supporting QA development, developing testing strategies, and efficient software delivery. There are many challenges in projects, and it’s impossible to write about all of them. However, aware of the constant technological progress, we go with the flow and don’t give up on our own development.
In Which Projects and Industries Have You Worked?
We have worked on and supported projects from various industries, including financial, transportation, medical, e-commerce, sports, software, entertainment, heavy industry, and more.
What Technologies Have You Worked With?
  • The list of technologies we have worked with is extensive, including various programming languages (Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, C#, Java, nodejs, Swift), technologies/frameworks (Angular, React, .Net Core, ASP.NET), and commonly used tools in projects.
  • In terms of CI/CD processes, we have worked with Azure DevOps, GitLab CI, Jenkins, and GitHub Actions.
  • For automated testing, we have led projects using Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, nUnit, xUnit, and White.
  • Virtualization using Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, Heroku.
  • Other noteworthy technologies include web3.js, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Solidity, ChatGPT.

What Is Your Experience in Training and Mentoring?
Apart from the jaktestowac.pl initiative, where you can find a variety of courses, we have been conducting internal training in companies for years. Starting from junior level, up to advanced training for senior staff. The training covers the use of various tools, the application of best practices, process work in projects, etc.

We have been involved in mentoring for several years, supporting testers with different levels of experience, from juniors to upskilling seniors. Mentoring allows for a more personalized approach to development, from outlining a development path, supporting learning, to guiding towards finding their own solutions within a project.

In both cases, we have years of experience with many satisfied mentees and course participants. We also continue to improve our knowledge in topics related to knowledge transfer through participation in dedicated training and courses.

What Is Your Experience in Remote Teamwork?
The pandemic has changed the way work looks today, but it was nothing new for IT. Access to high-speed internet allows working from anywhere in the world. We have carried out projects for clients from around the globe – the UK, Germany, the USA, South Africa, India, and more.

We are currently also working on projects remotely. In our opinion, cultural awareness and who you are working with are more important than remote work. Effective communication is the key to success.

Do You Have Experience with New or Emerging Technologies?
Yes, we have worked with such technologies in projects. Examples include machine learning or blockchain. In both cases (but not limited to them), understanding the client and their business goals is crucial to tailor solutions and recommendations.

For each project, we thoroughly analyze the requirements and needs, such as the need for large data samples or appropriate data for machine learning. When it comes to blockchain technology, you need to be prepared for the challenges of decentralized systems, answer questions about the right blockchain architecture, and often engage in community building or tokenomics.

New technologies can be harnessed, but they are not a one-size-fits-all solution for all ‘typical’ projects. Therefore, in our work, we follow common sense and experience gained from knowledge, placing the goal above technology.

A similar situation occurs with new tools or libraries that are not yet battle-tested, often with incomplete documentation or no support at all. There is no clear answer to whether to use them or not. We are confident that we can help you make an informed decision.

What Are Your Experiences and Skills in Designing and Architecting Solutions?
In addition to designing quality-focused solutions such as testing frameworks, processes, and strategies based on software best practices, we also have experience in designing complete system solutions. This includes functional and non-functional requirements, project documentation, decision logs, diagrams, selection of cloud services, infrastructure, and integration with third-party systems. We have been responsible for typical agile teams as well as those composed solely of software quality engineers.

Do You Provide VAT Invoices or Pro Forma Invoices?
Yes, we issue a VAT invoice for every payment. If needed, we can also issue a pro forma invoice.

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Konsultacje - Quality Assurance as a Service od jaktestowac.pl

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